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Update No. 4: Results of Assessments of Possible Community Garden Sites

by jb2 - December 22nd, 2011.
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Recent updates have explained the process being followed by the Princes Hill Community Garden (PHCG) Committee and Planning Group to engage with the community to assess four possible sites for a community garden in Princes Hill and the likely timelines for further consultation and decisions.

The Planning Group has now completed the task of assessing the four sites using criteria and methodology recommended by the City of Yarra.  The report provided by the Planning Group explains in detail the site assessment process used, a summary of the initial and weighted scores of the four sites and a report for each site showing a map of the location, the scores for each criterion and the reasoning for each score.

 Click here to download site assessments documents

As indicated in each document in the report, the site assessment process used is not definitive in determining the “best” site. It is simply a starting point for determining the physical, civic, and community attributes associated with a site that influence its suitability for development into a community garden.  While it helps identify what sites may be less desirable than others based on clear assessment criteria, it will always be a limited, quantitative tool that will complement other assessments and discussions with local residents.

The Planning Group has considered the assessment scores for the four sites and decided that the Wilson Street Road Closure site should not proceed to the concept plans phase and that draft concept plans showing a suggested layout of the garden and key design features such as fencing and other garden infrastructure will be developed for the other three sites.

It is expected that a final report of the Planning Group, including the garden concept designs and recommendations on any other matters the Planning Group recommends the Committee should take into account in a formal application to Yarra Council, will be submitted to the Committee in February.  This report will be emailed to you and posted on the website in the usual way in order to gather community feedback.  The PHCG Committee will then incorporate the feedback into an application to Council on a preferred site in about March next year. The application will then be formally considered at a Council meeting where community members will be able to have a say before Council makes a decision.

A critical factor that will influence the final decision of the PHCG Committee on a preferred site is the degree of support from residents closest to the site.  The PHCG welcomes feedback on any concerns you might have about the site assessments or the process being followed.  We will do our best to address all community concerns. You can email us at to provide comment, seek additional information or arrange an informal on-site meeting with PHCG representatives.   If you would like to discuss any issues about community gardens with Yarra Council, you can contact Pete Huff, Community Gardens Facilitator, on 9205 5782 or

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